Welcome to the Voices of Sea Pines Property Owners website! We are glad you are here. Your voice is important.

This website is intended to:

  • Educate and alert residential property owners of potential issues that may impact the Sea Pines lifestyle as well as assessments, taxes and property values
  • Provide a forum to discuss issues in a private setting, independent of ASPPPO and CSA
  • Unite the community as needed to ensure residential property owners rights are protected and interests are served
  • Help members to make informed decisions when voting for the CSA and ASPPPO board positions and any referendums
  • Provide information on activities that are important to the group
  • Learn more about your preferences and positions on various community issues. 
Most importantly, the Voices of Sea Pines forum is designed so that your voice can be heard, ideas can be explored, and united action can be taken. Our members have been proactive in advocating to improve your day to day lives in the past. We stopped the ill-conceived and misnamed "municipal improvement district" where we'd be taxed but deprived of any vote on the tax. We blocked the unpopular and unwanted trolley stop at Greenwood and Sea Pines Drives and saved CSA from wasting tens of thousands of dollars. As a direct result of our efforts and growth in support, we are now in a position to insist on a win-win agreement with the Sea Pines Resort to co-create a 5-star community and 5-star experience for residents and guests alike.

This website is not a substitute for the information found on the Sea Pines Living website, nor is it associated with ASPPPO or CSA. 

Access to this site is only available to Sea Pines Plantation residential property owners. 
By requesting to become a member of this community, you agree to abide by the interaction and discussion guidelines posted on this website. Please honor the privacy provided by this forum.

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